Error Message: metainit: node: "d74": unit not found

Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 2:15 AM
node:/root# metainit -s nfsdg d74 -p d80 100g
metainit: node: "d74": unit not found
Identify the devfsadm process ID and kill it.

node:/root# ps -ef grep -i devfsadm
root 3099 1472 0 10:38:14 pts/1 0:00 grep -i devfsadm
root 15066 1 0 11:25:41 ? 58:46 /usr/lib/devfsadm/devfsadmd
node:/root# kill -9 15066
Now try it should work now
node:/# metainit -s nfsdg d74 -p d80 100g
d74: Soft Partition is setup

Migrating Solaris 8 physical server to Solaris zone

Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 4:20 AM
Solaris 10 with latest updated versionDownload and install the Solaris 8 Migration
SUNWs8brandr Solaris 8 Migration Assistant: solaris8 brand support (Root)SUNWs8brandu Solaris 8 Migration Assistant: solaris8 brand support (Usr)SUNWs8p2v Solaris 8 p2v Tool

Step2: Create the Flash Archive of solaris 8 server:
node# flarcreate -S -n solaris8 solaris8.flar
Step3: Set up a Solaris 8 zone
node# zonecfg -z solaris8solaris8: No such zone configuredUse 'create' to begin configuring a new zone.zonecfg:solaris8-system> create -t SUNWsolaris8zonecfg:solaris8> set zonepath=/export/solaris8zonecfg:solaris8> add netzonecfg:solaris8:net> set address=> set physical=bge0zonecfg:solaris8:net> endzonecfg:solaris8> commitzonecfg:solaris8> exit
Step4: Install Solaris 8 zone using flar-archive

node# zoneadm -z solaris8 install -u -a /export/solaris8.flarLog File: /var/tmp/solaris8.install.13597.logSource: /export/solaris8.flarInstalling: This may take several minutes…Postprocessing: This may take several minutes…WARNING: zone did not finish booting.
Result: Installation completed successfully.Log File: /export/solaris8/root/var/log/solaris8.install.13597.log

node #uname -aSunOS solaris8 5.8 Generic_Virtual sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V490

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