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Friday, March 26, 2010 at 7:04 AM
SUN FIRE 15k / 25k Administration UNIX Admin
Where will be idprom binary file will be located for domain in sc ?
/var/opt/SUNWSMS/SMS1.6/data/domain_id/ idprom.image
Where will be console information of domains can be located in sc ?
Post ,dump and syslog information also located in this parent directory
After completing firmware upgrade of sc the sms not starting. What could be reason behind it?
1. The flash update might not be done correctly. You have to use different image files for fp0 and fp1. Reapply the flashupdate with correct image files
2. We have to issue reset-all command at the OBP of sc in order to recognize the new firmware version.
How to obtain device status connected to a IO board. Lets say for IO1 ?
Sc0:>Showdevices IO1
How to power on the domain Lets say A?
Sc0:> setkeyswitch –d A on
How to power off the domain Lets say A ?
Sc0:> setkeyswitch –d A off
How to make the domain A to standby ?
Sc0:>setkeyswitch –d A standby
What will happen when the domain is at standby ?
The domain be down but the boards will remain in powered on state.
How to check the keyswitch status for domain A ?
Showkeyswitch –d A
How to check the Openboot Prom variable of Domains from SC ?
Showobpparams –d A

How to set the Openboot Prom variable of Domains from SC ?
Setobpparams –d A param=value
What is degraded mode ?
If boards are using only one center plane then its called degraded mode. In normal mode all extension boards will use both center planes
How to set to degraded mode ?
Setbus –c CS0
How to set to normal mode ?
Setbus –c CS0,CS1
How to check the bus status on all domains ?
How to power on the board from sc ?
Poweron SB0
How to power off the board from sc ?
Poweroff SB0
Is it possible to power off the domain with poweroff command while domain is active ?
No. The poweroff command will fail. To shutdown domain you have to issue command setkeyswitch –d A off
SMS supports how many types of blacklists ? What are they ?
Supports three types of blacklists
1. Platform blacklists -> /etc/opt/SUNWSMS/config/platform/balcklist
2. Domain blacklists -> /etc/opt/SUNWSMS/config/domain_id/blacklist
3. ASR(Automatic System Recovery ) Black lists
How to check the blacklists of Domain/Platform ?
System Board SB0 is causing problems. Currently its part of the domain A. How to define a system board ( ex: SB0 ) in a blacklist?
Disablecomponent –d A SB0
How to remove the board from blacklist of Domain and Platform ?
Enablecomponent –d A SB0
Is it possible to blacklist few components in Board and use rest of the components ?
How to check the status of all components status?
How to reset the status of the components that has been set by ASR ?
What is the function of MAN ?
MAN ( MAnagement Network ) maintains private point-to-point network connections between the SC's and each domain .
What is I1 network ?
The point-to-point network between domains and SC is called I1 network
What is I2 network ?
The point-to-point network between SC to SC is called I2 network
What type of network name would be plumbed on SC for I1 network ?
What type of network name would be plumbed on SC for I2 network ?
Does IP forwarding enabled in MAN ?
No. IP forwarding will be disabled by MAN
Lists few services that MAN network will be used for between sc and domains?
1. Domain consoles
2. Message logging
3. Dynamic Reconfiguration
4. System controller heartbeats
5. Network boot/Solaris installs from sc to domains
What is pcd ?
Platform configuration database
What is the command used to show boards status ?


What is the command used to show devices connected to boards ?


What is the command used to show environment information ?


Which is the failover daemon ?

Fomd ( Failover Monitoring Daemon)

How to check the status of the failover ?


How to check the detailed information about failover with each component status ?

Showfailover -v

How to check the role of the current sc ?

Showfailover -r

How to enable failover ?

Setfailover on

How to disable failover ?

Setfailover off

How to do manual failover ?

Setfailover force

Do the files propagate when they deleted on spare sc ?

No. The file propagation is main-centric. Only if files are modified on main sc then only they will be propagated. If required we have to manually propagate all files from main to spare.

How to forcibly propagate all the files from main to spare sc ?

Setdatasync backup

Through which network the file propagation will takes place ?

I2 network.

Does the network configuration Automatically propagates ?

No. we have to manually configure network using smsconfig -m

What is the HASram ? What's the function of it?

Its High-Availability Sram. This is used for communication between sc's apart from i2 network for redundancy.

How to check the data synchronization between two sc's ?


How to manually push specific file/directory from main to spare sc?

Setdatasync push filename

How to add a specific file/directory to the automatic push profile ?

Setdatasync schedule filename

How to remove a specific file/directory from the automatic push ?

Setdatsync cancel filename

What will happen to Main sc once the spare sc takes over the main role ?

Main sc will be reset by spare sc and after rebooting the main sc role becomes spare


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