Building Sun Fire X4150 x86 machine

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at 9:44 AM
Building X4150 machine is a little bit different from Sun Fire V-series machines. To build this machine, you need to follow below steps:

1. Configure the ILOM (Integrated Lights-Out-Management) service to gain remote access of the server. Sun engineer can help in setting this one up. You may also ask the engineer to enable the web gui, usually https://ILOM_hostname or https://ILOM_ipaddress

2. Connect to the server via ssh or telnet (depends on what has been enabled)

# ssh ILOM hostname / IP address

or via web GUI, https://ILOM_hostname

3. Launch server console by clicking "Launch Redirection" button under "Remote Control" tab

4. Reset the machine to configure BIOS and RAID. Click "Remote Power Control" tab and then select "Reset" in Power Control field and then click "Save".

5. In BIOS configuration menu, go to Server to check the NIC's mac addresses (you'll be needing this on jumpstart process)

6. Go to Boot and the select Boot Device Priority. Select "USB:Virtual DVD/CD" as the "1st Boot Device" and the "RAID disk" as the "2nd Boot Device". Save and Exit BIOS.

7. Configure Jumpstart to create an initial boot ISO.

8. Mount the iso image. From the ILOM remote console, Select "Devices" and then click on "CD-ROM image" and then select the iso file.

9. Proceed with the Jumpstart.

Note: Different errors might occur during jummpstart,like Disk not found error. For this one you need to check if RAID has been configured. For ....... error (hehehe) you may want to check your tftp package or check your network connection.


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