Logon to ALOM of Sun M4000

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at 9:41 AM
# ssh or
username: eis-installer or your_username
password: password

To connect to console:

XSCF> console -d 0

If somebody is already using the console, you can force connect

XSCF> console -d 0 -f

To go back to XSCF prompt:

type "#." (without the quotes)

To reset the server/domain:

XSCF> reset -d 0 por [resets domain 0]
XSCF> reset -d 0 xir [resets domain 0 with XIR reset]

To send break:

XSCF> sendbreak -d 0

To reboot XSCF system:

XSCF> rebootxscf

XSCF> showstatus
XSCF> showversion -c xcp -v [shows xcp firmware, version, openboot prom version
XSCF> showenvironment
XSCF> showenvironment temp
XSCF> showenvironment volt
XSCF> showhardconf
XSCF> showdcl -va [check domain id...]
XSCF> showdomainstatus -a
XSCF> showboards -a
XSCF> poweron -a [powers up all domains]
XSCF> poweroff -a [powers off all domains]
XSCF> poweron -d 0 [powers on domain 0]
XSCF> poweroff -d 0 [powers off domain 0]
XSCF> poweroff -f -d 0 [forces a power off domain 0]
XSCF> sendbreak -d 0 [sends break command to domain 0]
XSCF> setautologout -s 60 [sets autologout to 60 minutes]
XSCF> showautologout
XSCF> shownetwork -a
XSCF> setnetwork xscf#0-lan#0 -m
XSCF> sethostname xscf#0 fire-xscf
XSCF> sethostname -h host.org
XSCF> setroute -h host.org
XSCF> setnameserver
XSCF> setroute -c add -n -m xscf#0-lan#0

To add 2 additional memory boards:

XSCF> addboard -c assign -d 0 00-2
XSCF> addboard -c assign -d 1 00-3

XSCF> showboards -va

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  1. XSCF Says:

    Subject has major mistake. there is no ALOM controller in M-Series. They Use XSCF with XCP software installed on it. ALOM & XSCF are two different things !!!!

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